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  • GOD Giveria 00:18 - February 16, 2021

    Update - GiveriaOT

    Hello dear Players!

    Another Update on GiveriaOt:


    -  We added Golden Outfit to King Tibianus (300kk Full), if you           wanna buy, you have to say Hi>addon

    -  Shared EXP now working fine. 4 diffrent vocation=100% Exp         boost.

    -  New respawn with Infernal demons, brachiodemons and some       Phantoms

    - We added amulets and some rings like prismatic amulet, ring to      temple -1 for silver tokens

    - Task system working fine with teamhunt. (min 30%dmg for each    player)

    - Daily Mission working.

    - New Boss Room.

    - Now bosses will respawn at certain times, e.g. Ferumbras 20:15.

      Also we added them some more health and dmg ! Be careful now

    - Some bosses got extra loot like Golden helmet etc.

    - The boss list will be added to the Library tab.

    Now we're working on new quests, bugs, and a little surprise for    our players

    Your Support GiveriaOT