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  • GOD Giveria 00:18 - February 16, 2021

    Update - GiveriaOT

    Hello dear Players!

    We added some changes:


     -  New Quest room for players with lvl 300 +   {  Anhilator 2, Soul War quest, Falcon items quest, Lion items quest and many more ! }

     -  Banuta spawn like on Rl Tibia (Left Hydras teleport)

    -  2 new spawns Grim Reapers

    -  Some changes in task system (new monsters)

    - New spawns with monsters like: Bony Sea Devil, Winter Elfs, Summer Elfs, Kalyassa, Lava Golem, Falcons (Included Oberon and mini bosses ! )
    - NPC Quentin selling pvp bless Twist of Fate

    Also we now working on Shared Exp boost (4voc), New quests, Bugs, offline training and more !

    Your Support