On our server you can rescue characters (characters) that are unused or abandoned for a long period of time. The rescued character will come with all the items he has (in the depot, mailbox or inventory).

Every characters with level 400+ that have not been used in the last 60 days will be placed on the list below. If you do not wish to lose your character, simply log in to the game before the specified time period.

When you bid, your points will be removed. If your bid is exceeded, your points will go back to your account.

At the end of the auction, if you are the winner, access yours and see your character!

Time leftNameVocationBuy NOW!Highest Bid
15 h, 4 m, 2 sec.
Missy472 Royal Paladin40002500
2 d, 3 h, 24 m, 19 sec.
Wydojslaw321 Elite Knight1200900
2 d, 15 h, 32 m, 42 sec.
Inalin544 Master Sorcerer5000125